Forget ‘The Rules’, here’s 11 ways to show you care using internet slang


  1. You’re aiit. A way to say to someone that you think they’re alright. (Understatement of the year, but we’re trying to be subtle here.) And why type 7 letters when you can just type 4? It’s mostly used by people who like to talk a bit ghetto/gangster-like.emoji
  2. Finding it hard to talk about your feelings? Use an emoji instead. The heart-shaped-eyes say it all.OTP
  3. We’re OTP material. OTP stands for One-true-pairing, and is used to describe a fictional couple who you think would go great together.. I.e. Ron + Hermione = OTP. It’s a term most commonly used in fandom communities – but who knows, you could have your fairtytale ending too.ship
  1. I ship us. So ‘ship’ is now a verb. When you say you ‘ship’ something, you are basically saying ‘I wish you two would just get together already!’. It’s short for ‘relation-ship’, and often refers to a pairing that’s not actually written in the story. For example, ‘I ship Harry/Hermione so bad’. There’s actually a fictional ‘ship’ (the noun this time) named after this pairing,  called H.M.S. Harmony (a combination of their names Harry + Hermione)Bae
  1. Hey bae. Bae stands for Before-anything-else. It’s often used to refer to your girl friends or boyfriend, such as ‘bae be like’ , ‘thanks bae’. Some people also think it’s just a short form of ‘babe’. Pharrell Williams and Miley Cyrus also popularised it in their song ,“Come Get It Bae,” . And of course whenever celebrities use a new word, it must be cool right? (I hope you can sense my sarcasm) here…) And for all the singles out there –BAE 3lava you
  2. I lava you. Who doesn’t love a good pun? This version of the ‘I-love-you’ is popular online, often said by a cartoon volcano.JLT
  3. And JLT my world was never the same again. JLT stands for ‘just like that’, but in the digital world of less time and effort, acronyms are apparently the way to go. Do you think it has the same effect though?


  1. You rawk my world Rawk is the tweenager version of ‘rock’. It totally reveals your age, but ah…young love.WYWH
  1. WYWH. Wish you were here. Another acronym used to show you care. Often used in instant messages.ILY
  1. ILY. A classic initialism – I love you. Show you love them, but apparently not enough to type out the whole words.Luff
  1. Luff you. A less powerful way of saying ‘love’, it’s means friendly love. It’s a bit cutesy, just like your relationship between you and your best friend or sister or something.

Ok now, let’s see. Who here would prefer a good-old ‘I-love-you’ instead? In my opinion, these are basically watered down ways of saying you love someone. Sure, these digitalk versions can be used as fluffy, little signs of affection, but they pale in comparison to the real deal.

If I had to put these on a scale, a ‘how-deep-is-your-love’ ranking, it’d go something like this:

Scale#digitalk love or real love? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think!