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Quiz: How on fleek are you?

We did this quiz to see how ‘on fleek’ we are with our digitalk (internet slang). We thought we’d share our results. See if you can beat our score!

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Chatting with the Baes (note the capital B)

So the other day my friend said this on a group chat (see above image).

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Why do you use digitalk?

A 2013 study found that 81% of teenagers use digitalk when writing messages, with older teenagers using it most. Reasons why they use it:

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The spoken hashtag #myearsarebleeding

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I won a free iPod! But is this legit?

Here’s a true story from Corkthedigitalk-er Lisa. It involves an iPod, some digitalk and an overactive imagination.

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Results are out! Digitalk: YAY or NAY?

We asked. You answered.

And boy…were the results close, only differing by one vote!

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Who’s LOL-ing now, huh? Lisa’s story

#corkthedigitalk –er Lisa shares her story:

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Txtspk, a form of digitalk

Consonants and question marks ✓
Vowels and capital letters: meh

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Literacy is important so don’t ruin it by tlkin’ lyk dis

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