We did this quiz to see how ‘on fleek’ we are with our digitalk (internet slang). We thought we’d share our results. See if you can beat our score!

yoloCome-on this one’s common knowledge. Next!

baeWe just wrote a blog post about this! Easy peasy.

unbotheredHmm… not sure this is a digitalk/internet slang word… it’s just the opposite of bothered right?

joggersNo! Our first incorrect answer. It’s uniquely an Australian thing to call sport shoes ‘joggers’, but since this is an American Quiz…they just wouldn’t get it! Americans call sport shoes ‘sneakers’, the Irish use ‘runners’ and the British use ‘trainers‘. But anyway the answer to this quiz question has nothing to do with shoes but rather, sweatpants!

rektWith the trend of people writing digitalk phonetically (using sounds), we thought rekt sounded pretty close to wrecked. Rekt doesn’t just mean ‘wrecked’ though, it’s a gamer term for when someone loses (badly).

tfwThis is an example of an initialism, but as always with initialisms, it comes with a bit of ambiguity. (We were about to choose ‘to flirt with’). For example, lol, meaning ‘laugh out loud’ is often mistaken as ‘lots of love’.xansDidn’t get this one, but reassuring ourselves with the fact that Xanax is an American medicine, not Australian, and it’s prescribed more in America, so we weren’t to know!

boolinThis was a lucky guess. Who knew they’d simplify coolin’ to boolin? It’s not like it’s any shorter….lordtNot sure what that extra letter does though, apparently it’s for emphasis. Or maybe people want to make the distinction of using ‘lord’ in a ghetto way, not in the religious sense.

celfie“Hold on, let me take a célfie“. – Kim Kardashian

The pretentious way to spell ‘selfie’, first used by Kim Kardashian in an Instagram caption.on fleekI see this term as the same as “on point”. This term, like bae, shot to insta-fame when Peaches Monroee, said ‘eyebrows on fleek’. Not an abbreviation but plain just making up words now. bruuhThe ghetto way to say bro. Same as bruh, but with more emphasis.

scoreSo this was our score! What’s yours? Leave a comment!


 – LH